Sunday, January 27, 2008

SEX and Baking!

GOT YOUR ATTENTION, RIGHT?? Well if my "You TUBE" videos don't show the latest Paula Deen exclusive, or Giadi on the beach - make sure to search "YOU TUBE" yourself. Paula incorporates many sexy innuendos into her baking lessons - she is hilarious. If you have never seen her in action, catch the new "Paula's Party," on the food network. Giadi de Laurentiis also likes to take her cooking out on location and show experiences, ie - jet skiing in South Beach, or showing the historical side of an area she involves in the cooking. With a family background in film it's no wonder, not only is she real pretty, she knows how to bring film creativity to her cooking style! GO GIRLS!!! Now we need the men to step up and bring a bit more sex-appeal to their cooking, huh? HOW about it TYLER, Bobby, and MR. Dinner Impossible, or ??? any new cooks waiting in the wings for the challenge? I know - maybe the Deen brothers?

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