Thursday, January 24, 2008


RUBS AND EVOO are a great combination to any meat! THEY tenderize the meat, add full flavor, and do not take hours or overnight to marinate! Rubs are easy to make, easy to make extra and have on hand for next time with a little container and a sharpie or dyno label maker. ALSO RUBS make excellent gift especially using cool containers and labels! Without comprising the meats taste and/or adding salt - one can take trips around the world using various spices and herbs to create meat dishes from around the globe. More coming ON SOME exciting and special rub recipes! See you tomorrow on the FOOD NETWORK FAN RECIPE CLUB!



Talia said...

Hey there! Great job on the blog- my roommates and I are obsessed with Food Network, and we make recipes we see on tv almost every night!

Rachel will always be my favorite :)


Chef MAMA Mimi said...

I just started the blog for an e-commerce class to finish out my bachelor's degree, but this is addictive and fun. I too love recipes, Tivo RACHEL everyday and also make many foodnetwork stars dinners each night! Got to love Guy Fieri and the Diners, Drive-Ins-Dives show too! Also the Deen boys and Paula! What can I say I just love "Food Network" period! Thanks for the comment.