Saturday, September 27, 2008


Visit The Total Health Shop to experience a better way to enjoy Mangosteen!!!  Acai!!!  Noni!!! and Goji Juice!!!  
Don't buy into the Xango and the MonaVie (or recently tagged as Money Vie) products - they are MLMs and The Total Health Shop is NOT!  You do not have to spend $37.50 - $45.00 per 24 - 28oz bottle for Acai or Mangosteen products or the popular Hollywood discoveries shown in "Juice it UP" known as Goji Juice or Noni Juice.  ALL of these products can be purchased for $12.99 - $24.95 for 32oz jugs of the REAL stuff too!  Don't by blends or water down drinks with less announces and pay everyone's downline when you can buy direct and become an affiliate or buy for your store, etc.  Many times there are deals on this site for $12.99 - $16.99.  But regardless even at $24.95 it is still much cheaper.  Stock up and get cheap to free shipping too!
ENJOY :)  ~D  :)