Sunday, January 13, 2008


Well, As Rachel Ray would say.... KIDS ROCK!!! Yes they do!
Kids are awesome, talented, and full of energy! Energy that we many times need to direct!
So why not direct them into the kitchen and instead of them asking what's for lunch, or dinner for that matter - let them help and eventually do dinner!

That's right! No matter if they are 2-102 we can all learn, we can all help, and we can all do dinner!

Cooking is every subject matter as far as teaching goes - so let's making teaching ROCK! Have fun!
Think about it - Cooking is Math, Science, Reading, English, History, Art, Spelling, Photography, well it can even be about Religion, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, and experiences.... you get the idea! Cooking creates a tangible metaphor and helps explore a very diverse teaching world that will open up many doors! Try IT!!! Just COOK or BAKE with your kids today! :)

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