Monday, March 31, 2008


Let's all be inspired by OPRAH and the BIG GIVE. Do something for someone today - you be glad you did and you will feel good about doing so! As we learned the other night - sometimes you help someone just by a simple act of listening to them! We all have a voice we all want to be heard BUT it is also AmaZING to just listen. Try it and post your stories! LISTENing and using are VOICE are all COMMUNICATION - and we all know Giving is all about COMMUNICATION.


Anonymous said...

The Big Give is great, but so much of it was about money. It's much easier to give money than to give your time. There are people who have given up their entire lives to take care of a loved one. Sometimes we just have to look at those close to us and see if we are spending enough time with the people we love, the elderly and the sick people in our own family. We need to Give Big, with our time, to our own parents and grandparents before they are gone.

Chef MAMA Mimi said...

Yes, Thank you for your input. This is exactly what I was trying to convey about communication and our voice - speak to people! Loved ones and others - it makes a HUGE difference! I love Steve's end result that this inspired him most to point out the one who didn't need anything - he was just so Appreciative of him taking the time to LISTEN!