Friday, August 22, 2008


Recycling is much more than saving cans and bottles.  We must all really start thinking outside the box each day.  Recycling cans and bottles of course is awesome, don't get me wrong; and it pays us back for our CRV fees that the cashier collects from us!  :) 

But to recycle means so much more.  We can recycle by being wise about waste.  Recycle all paper - by either placing in your recycle trash can as supplied by many trash companies or recycle paper and plastic in different containers and find a recycling company that takes all your recyclables at one location for convenience and to save on fuel - as this is going green too!  This helps keep plastic out of our landfills!  Plastic bags and wrappings can go to special recycle units in many grocery stores too!  Plastic takes 100+ years to compost away - so please do your part!  

Also changing our lightbulbs to energy efficient one saves money, energy, and the ozone.  They utilize less wattage - about 1/4 of the posted wattage or the regular bulbs, they come in many sizes so do not forget the bathroom bulbs, the front door mini bulb, and the outdoor large bulbs too!  Also don't forget to go shopping at the grocery store and any other store without your purchased reusable bags.  Even if you forget your bags (which I always tend to do) you can so no baggage please and then go pack them yourself into the trunk or keep the bags in the trunk and bag them there (my solution)!  

Many areas have freecycling websites now too - utilize this often.  I have found great stuff on this site and have given away things too!  Try to see if it is available in your area and to get in on all the action with emails from other freecyclers in your area today.  Also there are many sources for easily making your own cleaners for your home through the use of the internet.  Be safe and have healthier cleaners on hand for your family versus all the chemical based, abrasive products.  One place I found some amazing finds are your local "Trader Joes,"  they are a very environmentally friendly resource to great products.  Composting is a great way to make your on fertilizer too.       ~More later~

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